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Getting a Diagnosis

  It is essential that a proper diagnosis is made before an appropriate treatment plan can be placed into action. There is no test for ADHD. An evaluation in the following areas should be done:

  • physical exam - history and/or exam from a medical doctor

  • academic testing (including aptitude) - testing to find out IQ and if there are possible learning disabilities

  • psychological testing - testing to find if there are any emotional problems

  • behavioral testing - testing to see if there are any major behavioral problems

  • sometimes neurological testing

  Also needed is a complete family history, parents and teacher rating scales on children. With all this information, the doctor can eliminate other problems that exhibit many of the same symptoms as ADHD.

Once a proper diagnosis has been made a treatment plan can be designed and placed into action.

This information was taken from a handout by Jan Roberts MS , LPC and Cindy Taylor, PhD.

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