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We serve campers ages 7-high school. We welcome campers with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, speech/language and hearing impairment, emotional/behavioral challenges including high functioning Autism and Asperger's. Camp is a great place to teach social skills. Located one hour from Dallas & Fort Worth in the beautiful Cross Timbers or Northern Texas Hill Country, in Sunset, TX!    Click Here For More Info

While many students have already and will return to in-person learning in the fall, we recognize that remote learning is a better option for some students. Coupling

distance learning with the Gateway model of small classes and high-quality instruction, Gateway Connect was created! Gateway Connect is a virtual school designed for students who thrive in the online environment and who desire to complete their coursework remotely.  Click Here For More Info

Staying Ahead of the Game offers unique academic coaching and tutoring services to students in grades K-12. In addition to traditional subject tutoring and standardized test prep, our flagship proprietary Executive Function curriculum helps students with ADHD build the habits, tools, and systems they need to thrive. In lieu of summer courses, we are working one-on-one with students again this summer to combat Covid-induced learning loss through our personalized Enrichment & Readiness Program. Space is limited so request a call TODAY or reach out ASAP for more information!  Click Here For More Info

Fusion Academy is an accredited private school that offers personalized education in a one student to one teacher setting. We meet students where they are and address any gaps in learning so that your child is able to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. We work with your child to build a custom schedule that fits your family’s needs. We have 250+ class options! We offer core classes, but also fun electives like art, music, tech, and yoga! Classes can be in person or virtual!

Summer Courses

We also offer small group College Admissions Camps! We know that preparing for life after high school can be daunting and stressful. We want to make the transition easier! Camps include Intro to College/Post-secondary Counseling, College Interviews, Gap Years, College Essay Writing Bootcamp, among others!

Click Here For More Info

Conquer Your Planner This Summer!

Have you purchased multiple planners and are not sure what works best for you? Have missed an event because you didn’t look at your planner? There are routines to implement to use your planner effectively. This workshop series is the starting point for creating solutions for successfully using your planner and making lists.  At each weekly meeting there will be skill building instruction and personal organizing time. If you are looking for a planner, I will share recommendations.

Meeting dates are 7 – 8 pm, Mondays, August 9, 16, 23

Cost is $75 for the three sessions.

Group size is limited to 10 attendees.

Register by August 3rd

Questions/Register, 281-360-3928, [email protected]