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Quick Tips for Problem Solving!

by Debra Moore

The following article is based on information from Debra's presentation at ADHD 2000.

Acknowledge some basic truths:

ADD isn't an issue of choice or morality; it's an issue of biology.

ADD isn't an excuse; it is a CHALLENGE.

ADD cannot be cured. It can be managed.

ADD problems need ADD solutions.

Identify the problem area to be addressed.

Don't try to fix everything at once.

Work within a one-week time frame.

Anticipate the need to fine tune and adjust.

Build upon success.

Commit to the strategy in writing.

Write down the specific goal.

Write down the specific steps to follow, and the time frame

Determine how to measure progress.

Recruit an ADHD Coach.

Look for an empathetic, positive non-ADDer or an ADDer who is successfully managing his/her problem situations. The coach should not be a member of the immediate family.

Pick your battles carefully.

Some issues are not worth the effort it will take to resolve them!

Fundamental Time Management Rules:

You’re better off having too much to do than having too little to do.

It's OK to wait until the last minute to start provided you know when the last minute actually is.

Printed with permission of Debra Moore, ADHD Specialist at Brainworks, Inc.

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