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Strategies for Individualized Treatment Plan

These strategy interventions may include:

  • Parent or adult training - helping the parent/adult understand ADD and learn how to cope

  • Support groups - these groups offer support for the parents/adults, helping them adjust to the situation and offering them support of others who have been through the same situation

  • Behavioral interventions - a behavior modification plan may be needed to help eliminate unacceptable behaviors

  • Medications - may be used in conjunction with the other interventions to help children and adults attend better, and act less impulsively

  • Adaptations at schools - may need to make accommodations to meet the individual needs of a child

  • Skills training - social skills and organizational skills are included in the training. These skill areas are extremely difficult for ADD children and adults.

  • Counseling - a professional might hold individual and/or family counseling sessions to help everyone work together in order to solve the problems that might arise.

  You and your professional must decide what would best suit your individual needs in handling the problems. Once the plan has been decided upon, it will be up to the parent to follow through with the treatment plan. Parents must be persistent to succeed.

This information taken from a handout furnished by Dr. Harvey Oshman Ph.D.

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