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Executive Functioning at All Ages
What Is It & What Can We Do To Facilitate It?
Saturday, April 27,2019 ( 9am sign in) 
Presentation starts at 9:30am -11:45 am
Presented by
The Attention Deficit Disorders Association (ADDA-SR)

Hosted by
 The Westview School
1830 Kersten Dr., Houston, TX 77043
Do you have children who forget to put socks on before shoes, over-react to small problems or setbacks, impulsively react to others, or get distracted and fail to finish what they start? Do the adolescents or adults (including parents!) in your home get lost, show up late, easily lose their cool, and always seem unprepared? These and similar behaviors are related to Executive Functioning, or the “mental manager” that controls and direct our behavior, emotions, and actions. These skills develop over time and may be able to be improved or built upon with simple to implement games and strategies.
About Dr. Montfort:
Dr. Natalie T. Montfort is a licensed clinical psychologist who has worked with children and young adults with neurodevelopmental disorders since 2002 and has training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (with children, adolescents, and adults), Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Relationship Development Intervention, Social Thinking, behavior modification (including Applied Behavior Analysis), and education/educational assessment. Her areas of interest include assessment of children, adolescents, and adults; cognitive and behavioral differences in children with neurodevelopmental disorders; treatment of adoption-related issues; treatment of childhood trauma; and animal-assisted therapy. She also enjoys providing professional development, trainings, and lectures on these and other topics to a wide variety of audiences.
2 CEs available for Educators, LPCs, LMFTs, Social Workers, Psychologists

Objectives: Participants will be able to:

·         identify the importance of executive functioning in daily life.

·         discuss features of executive dysfunction.

·         review games and activities to build executive functioning skills.

·         identify strategies to support executive functioning skills.

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